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Wild Harvest Parrot Advanced Nutrition Diet Dry Bird Food, 8 Lbs

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Product description

Parrot Advanced Nutrition DietAdvanced NutritionWild Harvest? Advanced Nutrition Diet for Parrots provides the ultimate nutrition your bird requires for developing, maintaining and enjoying good health. Parrots need a well rounded diet containing seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables to help support a longer healthier life. This specially formulated, enriched food contains important protein, fat, vitamins and minerals that help support a strong and healthy body for your Parrot.Color Amp FormulaWild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Parrots offers health and nutrition for your pet with the addition of our Color Amp Formula. With added antioxidant nutrients, carotene and other natural sources of beta carotene; our Advanced Nutrition Diet helps support and maintain overall good health.Great Taste Parrots Love
Product Features
  • With seeds, fruits & vegetables
  • Color amp formula
  • With vitamins A & E for shiny feathers and healthy skin
  • Advanced nutrition diet to help maintain good health and nutrition
  • Resealable for freshness

Parrot Tip
Parrots tend to get lonely when left home alone. Consider playing music or leaving the television on for your bird to keep it company and help it learn new words and tunes.

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