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Essentials that You Must Buy Before Bringing a Cat

Thinking of finally adopting a cat? Great decision! But before you get a cat home, you must prepare yourself with a few supplies and resources you will immediately require. The preparation of getting a pet home is no less than a celebration and involves a lot of pre-planning. The needs of a cat are different than that of a dog because of their distinct characteristics. However, there are some basic things that you will always need. For example, you need a crate and a feeding bowl before you get a cat home. You will also need to bring a litter box and a bed. While these are the primary requirements, you will eventually have to get a scratchboard and other toys to keep the feline engaged. Shop all of these online at Pet Supplies for good quality products. 


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As with dogs, cat supplies include a balanced feed, toys, a carrier, and a few grooming accessories like brushes, shampoo, and collars. In addition, you need a scratching pad, a nail trimmer, and a litter box. You will need more supplies as your cat grows.