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Tiki Dog Meaty Grain Free High Protein Wet Dog Food Variety Pack in Broth, 10 Cans, 3 Oz. (Packaging May Vary)

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Product description

  • GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD CUPS – You won’t find any grain in these shredded meaty cups.
  • NATURAL MEATY FLAVOR– Leave out the grains, gluten, fillers or artificial colors or preservatives and feed your dog the best.
  • PROTEIN-PACKED WET DOG FOOD – This MEATY recipe focuses on protein. Your pup will savor our shredded meaty recipes.
  • BUILT FOR SMALL DOGS– Each can of Tiki Dog Meaty is packed in a flavorful broth for added moisture and flavor.
  • SIMPLY THE BEST –With fish oil and turmeric, this dog food is the healthy and delicious choice for man’s best friend.

Tiki Dog Meaty Recipes in Broth canned dog food focuses on protein. You won't find any grain or added carbohydrates in these shredded meat cups. This grain free wet dog food contains shredded meat recipes that are packed in a natural broth for additional moisture and flavor. Feed your best friend delicious meat.

Without added grains, gluten, fillers or artificial colors, each 3-ounce cup also contains fish oil and turmeric, making it the best dog food for your pup. Each delicious bite of this dog food is brimming with the begging-for-more flavor they want

Try out our small dog food now for a delicious and healthy treat your pup will love. See the difference that Tiki Dog makes, and give your dog the nutrition he needs and the flavor he craves.

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