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Portable Handheld Garment Steamer, Iron Steamer Garment Foldable Rotatable Handheld Flat Iron Steam

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Colour: Green

Material: Panel: Monocrystalline silicon

Size: 21.5*18.5cm

Power: 20W

USB output: 5V, 2A (maximum)

Solar output: 12V

Solar panel type: solar

Conversion efficiency: 23-24%

Product interface: USB, DC

Output interface: DC / dual U

No-load voltage: 14V DC and USB 5.2V

Load voltage: 12V DC and USB 5.0V

Output current: 600 mA (max)

USB 2.0 output: 5V 600mA

Applicable to: mobile phones, mobile power packs, laptops, tablets, GPS, cameras, USB fans, USB lights, etc.


1. First, the solar panel surface of the solar panel faces the sun, and the back USB output surface has a red light indicating that the current output is normal.

2. Plug the USB 2.0 cable into the USB output port, and the USB output standard 5.0V DC voltage.

3. Connect the mated DC alligator clip, and the alligator clip outputs a DC voltage of 12v (14V at no load).

4. With the mountaineering bag, this product is suitable for low-power products with 5V power supply or low-power products with 12V power supply.


The positive and negative crocodile clips cannot be connected or touched during use, which may cause short-term heat or burn the line.

Package includes:

1 x Solar panel

1 x Alligator clip

1 x Cigarette lighter


1. Please do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with a sharp object.

2. When charging the charger with solar energy, please place the solar panel upwards in direct sunlight to ensure the charging effect.

3. Please do not put the charger outdoors on rainy days to avoid short circuit. The front of the solar panel is waterproof, but it is best not to enter the water at the USB and DC interfaces.

  • It can be used as an alternative charger for cars, trucks, caravans, boats, motorcycles, RV batteries or any 12V lead acid battery.
  • It is waterproof and can be placed outdoors.
  • There are built-in diodes in the alligator clip to help prevent reverse charging.
  • You can install this item in your car and keep charging during the day.
  • Provides 2 alligator clips and charging cable for all kinds of equipment, emergency lights, advertising lights, traffic lights, electric fans, solar water pumps, motorcycles, boats, etc.
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