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Pain-Free Pet Repeller Cat & Dog Deterrent Mat, Non-Electric Pet Deterrent Mat to Keep Pets off Couch & Furniture, Cat Deterrent Mat, Premium Couch Covers for Dogs, Keep Dog off Couch!

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Product description

  • FOR DOGS & CATS! PET PROOF YOUR HOME - Our cat repellent mat couch cover keeps your pets off your furniture, couch, loveseat, or bed. Dogs & Cats HATE the sound and feeling of this pet repeller mat underneath their paws. This hatred will train them to STAY OFF.
  • PROTECT YOUR BELONGINGS - With Pet Parents pet deterrent mat you can keep pets off your belongings. A small price to pay to protect your expensive furniture & keep your furniture PET HAIR & PET SMELL FREE. Use anywhere indoors and the material lining similar to aluminum foil repels cats & dogs from your belongings and keeps them pet free - a perfect dog & cat deterrent mat!
  • PAIN FREE DOG REPELLENT MAT- Non-Electric, not harmful, no shock, no sharp plastic, CRINKLY MATERIAL keeps dogs & cats away, Pet Parents pet repellent couch covers for dogs - the safe and effective way to keep pets off furniture.
  • KEEP DOG OFF COUCH & EASY TO PUT AWAY - Our Pet Parents dog deterrent mat is 66" x 60" and fits over the backrest and seat of most standard three-seat couches and up to a full-size mattress. Because of our cat couch cover flexible design, you can shape it and position it to only cover your couch headrest to prevent your furbaby from nestling the top. Once its done its job, simply pick it up, fold it up, and store it away easily!

Pet Parents is a company made up of Pet Parents just like you.

Everything we do, create, & sell comes from that perspective; from being pet parents ourselves.

Tested & Crafted To Last.

Our products are tested by us & our pets before production so we know they will hold up to actual use by you & your pets. Because of this, this product is backed by a 2-year warranty & 100% money-back guarantee.

Train Your Pet For A Long-Term Effect

The Pet Parents Pet Repeller Dog Repellent Mat is all about training your pet to stay off & works to correct the undesired behavior for the long term & because it doesnt use pain to deter pets, you can sleep well at night knowing your pet is learning, you are going to correct their behavior & you're not causing any harm by doing so.

How Does It Work?

Lay the blanket over your couch, bed, or car. It’s 66x60” & fits over the backrest & seat of most 3 seat couches & up to a full-size mattress. Dogs & cats hate the sound & feeling underneath their paws of the crinkly material. This hatred repels & deters cats & dogs from walking & laying on Pet Parents dog deterrent mat.

Pain-Free Pet Training Mat

We love our furbabies & take pride in using harmless training aids to correct undesired behavior. Our Pet Parents couch covers for dogs is a non-electric pet training mat that does NOT use electric shocks or sharp pointy plastic as a cat deterrent mat. Yet, SAFELY delivers your desired result. Keep your dog off couch!

Protect Your Belongings

Use Pet Parents cat repellent mat to protect your belongings, a small price to protect your expensive furniture. Use anywhere indoors to pet proof your couch, loveseat, bed or anything else you can think of! Once it has done its job, simply pick it up, fold it up, & store it away easily!

Help your pet, help your house, ADD TO CART & get your Pet Parents pet deterrent mat today!

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