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Nulo Puppy & Adult Freestyle Trainers Dog Treats: Healthy No Gluten Low Calorie Dog Training Rewards - Turkey Recipe - 4 Oz Bag, One Size (56TT04)

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  • 3 DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Dogs will love the real meat taste of our duck, salmon and turkey recipes
  • NATURAL DOG TREATS: Our gluten-free treats do not contain grain, soy, corn, wheat or preservatives
  • LOW-CALORIE REWARDS: With only 2 kcals per treat, small and large dogs will stay lean and healthy
  • SUPERFOOD BOOST: We added honey, cherries and blueberries to supply your pet with more nutrients
  • 4 OUNCE BAG: Give a single treat to reward for good behavior or sprinkle several over their food

Teach your dog to sit, stay and obey many other commands with some help from Nulo’s Freestyle Trainers! These tasty treats are offered in duck, salmon and turkey flavors; each recipe has a real meat taste that dogs will do anything to savor. See for yourself!

To protect your pup’s health and help prevent allergies and food sensitivities, Freestyle Trainers are made without grain, soy, corn, wheat and gluten. There are also no artificial colors, smoke flavors or preservatives in our products. We take pride in offering pure, simple ingredients that are naturally delicious and a real treat for your dog’s taste buds.

Unlike others that contribute to your dog packing on some pounds and slowing him or her down, our low-calorie treats can actually help with weight control. Each treat is only 2 kcals to keep both small and large dogs lean, healthy and active.

Dogs benefit from healthy superfoods just like their humans do! We added honey, cherries and blueberries to our treats so your furry friend is getting more of the nutrients they need to thrive. Our recipes are ideal for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds, but to help puppies in particular, we also included salmon oil, flaxseed and Omega-3 fatty acids to each formula to support brain development and function.

The trick to successful obedience training is having a desirable reward system in place. When your dog obeys a command or exhibits good behavior, toss them a treat and tell them what a great job they have done! Our treats come in perfectly sized 4-ounce bags and can be handed out individually or added in bulk to their regular food for a fun surprise.

- Nulo Freestyle Trainers Dog Treats
- Available in Duck, Salmon and Turkey Recipes; Gluten and Grain Free
- 2 Kilocalories Per Treat
- 4 Ounce Bag
- Made in USA

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