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Nulo FS CAT Senior Pollock, 4 Lb - Resealable

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  • RESEALABLE BAG: New 4 pound or 14 pound sizes are now resealable

Help your cat stay forever young When a beloved pet ages, its eating habits and dietary needs can change. They typically need lower-calorie, higher-fiber diets to help prevent obesity and improve gastrointestinal health. Nulo Senior Freestyle Grain Free Dry Cat Food is a complete formula that tends to your aging cat's dietary needs. Our grain-free recipe contains 78% animal-based proteins and natural fiber so your cat feels fuller on a less carb-heavy diet. This aids in weight management and takes some burden off of those tired joints. Diet is a critical building block Nulo assembled the brightest minds in the pet food industry and, using the finest natural ingredients, created a unique recipe that whets your cat's appetite while supporting their continued good health. Make a lifelong investment in your cat's health. Add Nulo Senior Freestyle Grain Free Dry Cat Food to your cart today.

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