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Lime Sulfur Spray

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Are you looking for an effective and easy way to relieve your pet of itching?

It’s normal for pet pal to scratch but not if they are itching like crazy. If you don’t see any fleas, your pet may be struggling with non-specific dermatoses. You may be battling sarcoptic or demodectic mange, ringworm or lice. When left untreated, the problem could last for months, leaving your pet in great discomfort. They could end up in hair loss! In these cases, even veterinary-prescribed treatments can fall short.

The Classic's Lime Sulfur Spray offers a safe relief for your furry pal especially when you see spots that can be sprayed upon. Our lime sulfur spray channels the healing powers of earthy ingredients to rid your pets of itchy skin problems. Calcium and sulfur do a great job of fighting non-specific dermatoses. You can use our formulation to fend off infestations by mange, mites, ringworm, and lice.

We are on a mission to ensure your pets get the same reliable care. Our lime sulfur spray works great at protecting all sorts of furry animals. We’ve ensured it’s easy to use, so it’s just as friendly to pet owners and vets.

Here are more reasons to love our lime sulfur spray:

🐾  A product of many years of research and experience

🐾  Easy to spray on spots

 🐾  Safer alternative to harsh chemical treatments

 🐾  Works on sarcoptic or demodectic mange, scabies, ringworm, mites in canine and cats

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