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Five Crowns Card Game, Rummy Style, Kids Game, Family Game, Fun Game

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  • Five Crowns Game, by PlayMonster:
    • A best-selling, award-winning game that is fun to play over and over again

    Set Enterprises Five Crowns is a fun way to pass the time at parties or family game night. It puts a new spin on traditional rummy by adding a new suit, stars, to the deck. Up to seven people can play at once, and there are even solitaire rules for playing by yourself. This game is also available in a Five Crowns junior card game version that's designed to appeal to kids. You play it in rounds, and in each round the designated wild card changes, meaning that you have to stay alert for the right time to play each card.
  • It's a five-suited rummy-style game with a rotating wild card—watch out for that wild King
  • Versatile, challenging and fun game appeals to avid card players as well as casual players, and is a great game for kids and adults to play together
  • 1-7 Players | Ages 8+
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