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Chemical Guys SPI_401 Leather Conditioner, 16 Oz

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The Leather Conditioner delivers perfect restoration, then preserves the natural look and feel of soft new leather. Proper cleaning and conditioning is crucial to keep leather looking its best: neglected leather dries out, cracks, and fades; dirty leather shines and shimmers from body oil grease contamination. When cleaned, conditioned, and cared for properly, the leather feels smooth, looks silky, and smells fresh and luxurious. Regular use of the Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Complete Kit keeps leather looking clean, feeling silky smooth, and soft and supple to resist cracking and breaking prematurely.
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Contents: Vitamin E Cream. Moisturizing Protectants. Tradition. Los Angeles. Lifestyle. Protects restores. Dry to the touch. Natural Leather Scent. Restore soft & supple feel helps prevent cracking & fading deep moisturizing formula. Premium quality standard product. Our Story: Chemical Guys specializes in the highest quality car care chemical, car wash accessories, buffing pads and machines. Beginners and professionals alike choose Chemical Guys, not only for the finest car care products, but the world class customer support and vast detailing knowledge. Chemical Guys is more than a brand it's a lifestyle with a worldwide following. Driven by adventure, a passion for cars and a love for the road ahead we welcome any and all who share this passion to become a part of our family. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner protects and restores your leather back to original condition. Taking care of your leather is like taking care of your skin. The natural vitamin E formula nourishes, your leather to restore a soft feel while providing long lasting protection. Leather Conditioner moisturizes to reduce the chances of the leather becoming dry and cracking. The natural cleaning, abilities of aloe gives Leather Conditioner the ability to remove light stains from any leather surface. Our unique formula is dry to the touch for a smooth feel while also revitalizing the natural leather scent. Leather Conditioner offers UV protection that prevents leather from deteriorating. Leather Conditioner also restores essential nutrients to your leather that are regularly depleted by UV, solar rays. Chemical Guys makes sure your leather stays looking great. VOC Complaint. View video. For more ingredient information visit Toll free number: (866)822-3670. 

Dimethicone, Citral, PEG-9, Sodium Hydroxide./div>
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