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Blockbuster Night Movie Gift Pail - movie night gift baskets - movie night - movie night gift baskets for families

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The Blockbuster Night Movie gift basket will treat the family to all the snacks they can eat during the movie! Packed into a 10 inch metal pail, the goodies are complemented by Old Time Classic Coke. Available with or without gift cards the Blockbuster Night Movie gift basket is a blockbuster hit! Includes: 6" Metal Pail, Cracker Jacks, Twizzlers, Chips A Hoy Cookies, M & M's, Rice Krispies Treat, 2 Movie Theatre Microwave Popcorns, and 2 Old Time Classic Cokes.
- Length: 14.0 in, Width: 10.0 in, Height: 10.0 in
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