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Vibrant Life Catnip Blends Collection, 0.5Oz, 3 Pack, Variety

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Vibrant Life Catnip Blends Collection includes three unique half ounce bags of specially formulated blends to entice your cat. Our Chamomile blend soothes and relaxes, Passion Flower reduces stress, and Silvervine excites and enhances play. Catnip is a healthy and fun treat for your cat – some cats get an energetic burst from it, while others become more relaxed. Sprinkle these fun catnip blends on your cat’s toys and scratchers to enhance their play-time!. Make play time extra fun with the Vibrant Life Catnip Blends Collection.

Vibrant Life stands out as the brand that truly puts your pet first.
If for any reason you or your pet don’t love this product, we’ll replace it or give you your money back.

  • Vibrant Life Catnip Blends Collection, 0.5oz, 3 Pack:
  • Catnip + Passionflower: happy and anxiety-relieving blend
  • Catnip + Chamomile: fun and stress-relieving blend
  • Catnip + Silvervine: playful and potent blend
  • 100% North American Grown Catnip grown specifically to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip possible
  • Enhance your cats play time by sprinkling some of these unique catnip blends on their toys and scratchers to keep your cat engaged.
  • Kittens usually don't develop a response to catnip until about six months old, while some cats may never react to catnip.
  • To Preserve the freshness of catnip, reseal the package and storing a cool, dark and dry location.
  • Shake bag before each use to mix the blend as settling can occur.
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