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Vibrant Life Cat Toy - Bento Box Sushi with Catnip

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Our Vibrant Life Bento Box Sushi Cat Toy is your favorite take-out order now in a cat-friendly form! Indoor cats have no natural prey which can lead to boredom, but our Vibrant Life Bento Box Sushi Cat Toys are designed with your cat's natural hunting instincts in mind. Each of the five sushi-themed soft stuffed toys in this delightful bento box-themed pack is infused with Premium North American catnip, a 100-percent natural herb cultivated for a strong aromatic scent, to help enhance your cat's playtime experience while satisfying their natural instinct to hunt. With soft textures and lightweight, battable designs, your cat will love smacking these toys around from room to room or tossing them up in the air! Keep your cat healthy and happy by appealing to their natural predator instincts with our Vibrant Life Bento Box Sushi Cat Toy.Help your pets live the Vibrant Life! Our products are specially crafted with one goal in mind, seeing your pet at its very best. With a variety of offerings designed to keep animals healthy, happy and energized, Vibrant Life stands out as the brand that truly puts your pet first.If for any reason you or your pet don't love this product, we'll replace it or give you your money back. For questions, call 1-877-307-2192 or visit
Vibrant Life Bento Box Sushi Cat Toy:

  • Pack of 5 feline-friendly stuffed toys
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Made with premium North American catnip
  • Catnip scent entices your cat's hunting instincts
  • Ideal for interactive or solo play
  • Perfect for indoor cats
  • Great for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats alike
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