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Special Kitty Odor Control Tight Clumping Cat Litter, Fresh Scent, 40 Lb

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Special kitty fresh scent odor control tight clumping cat litter provides long-lasting freshness to keep your cat's area exactly that. Fill your cat's box with a fresh amount of litter and notice the difference immediately when you pour, as this litter, and special kitty promise, we know that cats rule, and are confident you would only provide the best cat litter. It is formulated of safe and natural ingredients and contains natural bentonite clay. Litter granules expand when wet and form clumps that will not break apart even during sifting, scooping, or your cat's scratching. Unlike ordinary cat litters, the liquid and solid waste in the litter box can be removed leaving a clean box with no waste.

  • Long-lasting fresh-scented odor control to your home smelling fresh.
  • The litter's tight clumping formula makes scooping a breeze.
  • Recyclable plastic container.
  • Provides up to 72 days of freshness. Great for multiple cat homes, this 40-pound box is optimally made to store away neatly and includes a handle hold for convenient maneuverability and easy pouring.

Ingredients:Sodium Bentonite Clay, Fragrance./div>
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