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Natural Dog Company Snout Soother, Dog Nose Balm, 1Oz Tin

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  • EFFECTIVE DOG NOSE BALM: Includes (1) 1 oz Tin of Natural Dog Company Snout Soother Balm that is safe for all dogs and formulated to treat, nourish, and protect your pup's nose. See noticeable results in as little as one week!
  • HEALS DRY & CRACKED SNOUTS: Snout Soother is ideal for healing, treating, and protecting against painful cracking and dryness of the nose and several common ailments such as Hyperkeratosis and Discoid Lupus.
  • NOURISHING & SOOTHING: Formulated with a powerful blend of vegan ingredients like Shea Nut Butter, Jojoba Oil and Natural Vitamin E that deeply moisturize the snout to alleviate pain and nourish your dog's nose.
  • ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Snout Soother is proudly handcrafted with no artificial preservatives or harmful ingredients. It is non-toxic, artificial fragrance free, safe if ingested, and has natural SPF benefits.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Gently rub onto snout 2-3 times per day, decreasing use as healing occurs. Using the balm before bed is ideal due to the peak of healing and regeneration that occurs in dogs while they sleep.


HELP YOUR PUPS LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES Keep your dog’s tail wagging with Natural Dog Company Snout Soother! It helps alleviate pain and protects their sensitive sniffers from dryness. It’s also an ideal remedy for cracked or broken skin, and skin overgrowth. ORGANIC AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS Snout Soother for dogs contains organic and vegan ingredients that are known for their natural healing properties. Our dog nose balm can help prevent and ease dry, cracked, or crusty noses. It also has a natural SPF which helps protect their snout from the sun. It has grapeseed and coconut oil for their super moisturizing properties. It also has hempseed oil which is a great anti-oxidant and helps reduce swelling. And because we only use only natural ingredients, you get a high-quality healing balm that’s effective and safe.

Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic Shea Nut Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Natural Vitamin E, Chamomile, Rosemary Extract/div>
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