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Large Freshwater Aquarium Plants Artificial Plastic Fish Tank Plants Decoration Ornaments Safe for All Fish 20 Inches Tall

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Product description

  • Size: large plastic aquarium plant measures about: 54cm/21" tall
  • Material: Pvc Plastic plants and ceramic base; free from rust and rot, do not affect the PH in the tank
  • Decoration: add a vibrant color to brighten your aquarium landscape, Lifelike water plant ornament gives you feelings of aquatic plants with water flowing
  • Less maintenance: Unlike live plants, plastic artificial plants don’t need specialized lighting, fertilizers, nutritious substrates or carbon dioxide, they won't die or need any pruning, and will stay beautiful for a long time
  • Natural color: Replicate the natural environment, you can't even tell it's made of plastic once it's placed in the tank; Your fish will enjoy the shadow that these tall plants provide
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