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KAILEXBABY 18-In-1 Baby Health Care and Grooming Kit, Electric Infant Nail Trimmer Set, Baby Nail Filer and Baby Nail Clippers

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This KailexBaby deluxe collection includes a 4-speed electric nail trimmer with focus light and grinding heads (6), a mouth suction nasal aspirator with soft silicone tips (2) that lets you relief your baby's nasal congestion safely, a reusable glass nail file, nail clippers, a comb and brush with soft bristles, a digital thermometer with a sturdy clear-view case, a finger toothbrush that lets you soothe your baby's gums and maintain oral hygiene, a liquid medicine drop dispenser for giving the baby medicine in a comforting way, and a pair of scissors with round tip designed for your little one's safety during pedicure or manicure. The rigid carry-along case with zippered opening, laced with elastic compartments helps you to neatly keep things organized and retrieve them quickly.
  • KAILEXBABY Deluxe Nursery Care Baby Health and Grooming Kit

    The KAILEXBABY Deluxe Nursery Care Baby Health and Grooming Kit (Pink - Female ) is a comprehensive assortment of baby essentials bundled together to help you have everything you need in one package for your child's  health care and hygiene, toiletry, bath and grooming needs. 

  • This baby health care kit is made with high quality and safe materials to keep your baby well-groomed and healthy at all times. 
  • Package includes (Electric Nail Trimmer,glass nail file,comb,brush,nail clippers,nasal aspirator and more)
  • Electric Nail Trimmer Set with Focus lights (batteries not included) and six Grinding Heads . this trimmer has four speed settings (Fast, Medium, Slow, very Fast). The six different grinding heads included has various surface textures you can use for different nail thickness and types. The trimmer can be used on toddlers and even adults
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