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Brach'S Star Brites, Individully Wrapped, Peppermint Candy, 36 Oz

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Brachs Star Brites Hard Candy is a deliciously sweet candy, loved among candy fanatics. This old fashioned candy brings a refreshing taste of nostalgia to your tastebuds old school candy fun. The fresh mint hard candy taste will keep you coming back for more. A classic fun candy experience that begs to be shared with friends, family, and co-workers. Each individually wrapped piece of hard candy will spark beautiful, flavor-filled moments. Brachs peppermint candy is made with real peppermint oil to make every bite a tasty bite. These candies go a long way, making one bag an unbeatable hard candy bulk buy – enough to share, gift, and enjoy. Add a timeless touch to any moment with Brach’s Star Brites Peppermint Hard Candy – a delectable classic to sweeten any day. Indulge in these irresistible treats that will sweeten up your celebrations, making them the perfect addition to elevate your summer gatherings, including Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and more.
  • SHAREABLE TREAT: One 36oz bag of Brach’s Star Brite hard candies. Each bag of candy contains individually wrapped candy mints. This bag of white and red candy is the perfect fresh, sweet treat.
  • CLASSIC CANDY: Add a delightful touch to any moment with the classic minty fresh taste of Brach's Star Brite Peppermint Candy. With each hard candy individually wrapped to maintain taste and freshness, this bulk candy bag Is perfect for any party mix, candy tray, or office candy dish.
  • REAL PEPPERMINT OIL: Freshen up any time of day with a nostalgic taste that carries a fresh touch. This mint candy is made with real peppermint oil for a refreshing addition to your day.
  • LIGHT AND SWEET: Whether after dinner or in the middle of the day, these individually wrapped mints are easy to unwrap, eat and enjoy. Fat free and gluten free, you can satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free as well.
  • MAKE MINTY MOMENTS: Brach’s Star Brites hard candy are nostalgic sweet treats and must-haves in every candy bag. Each individually wrapped candy can be used in a fun, candy assortment that will help make sweet, new memories.

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