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Audubon Park Nut, Fruit & Berry Wild Bird Food, New, 15 Lbs.

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Product description

  • Premium blend packed with pistachios, peanuts, papaya, raisins, cranberries, and more
  • Attracts jays, grosbeaks, warblers, sparrows, chickadees, and more
  • Contains over 50% sunflower seeds, a wild bird favorite rich in healthy fat
  • For use in tube, hopper, or platform bird feeders
  • Condition: New

Audubon Park Nut, Fruit & Berry Wild Bird Food is packed full of 100% real fruit, nuts, and seeds to attract a variety of fruit-loving songbirds to your feeder. Offer this deluxe bird feed blend year-round to attract unique visitors who won’t be able to resist the delicious, nutritious ingredients.

For over 60 years, Audubon Park has been specializing in connecting you with nature by creating the best wild bird food for your feathered friends. We work with local farmers to bring you the highest quality seeds and blend them in ways sure to attract your favorite backyard birds.

We inspire people like you to create their own Audubon Parks by setting up bird feeding stations in backyards, neighborhoods, and communities to experience and share the beauty of wild birds with those around them.

Instructions:Store bird food in a cool, dry location after opening.
Feeding Instructions:Use with tube, hopper, or platform bird feeders. Fill clean feeders with fresh wild bird food and hang in a protected area near trees or shrubs. Clean feeders regularly.
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