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  • Aqua Culture

Aqua Culture Insect Flavor Dry Reptile Food,1.2 Oz Bottle (1 Pack)

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  • For reptiles, birds and tropical fish
  • High in protein
  • Freeze drying keeps crickets fresh for a long time
  • Fluker's crickets 1.2 oz

Fluker's Freeze Dried Crickets, 1.2 oz, For more than fifty years, Fluker's Farm, Inc. has been breeding live feeder insects and worms as well as accessories for reptile enthusiasts. Give your pet lizard, turtle, bird, or fish a nutritional treat: Fluker's Freeze Dried Crickets. Serve these protein-rich freeze-dried crickets (easier than serving live ones) as part of a varied diet.

Fluker's Freeze-Dried Crickets, 1.2 oz:
Freeze-Dried Crickets (Acheta Domestica)
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