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Xppen Artist 12 Pro 11.6 Inch Pen Display Graphics Digital Drawing Tablet Monitor Animation Art 3D Modeling Online Education

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XP-Pen Artist 12Pro Graphics Monitor

Creative Power is on Your Side.

A perfect display that suits the beginner.

Features a super-portable screen with an 11.6-inch display area and a convenient 3-in-1 cable design. There’s no need to use any adapter and it quickly connects to your computer.

Smooth and sleek.

The dial fits comfortably in your hand and can be programmed for more customization options. Compared to the Artist 12’s slim touch bar, it’s easier to control accurately and with more freedom with the 12 Pro’s dial wheel, letting you capture and express your ideas faster and more easily.

±60° Tilt Support.

Simply tilt to add shading to your creation and enjoy smoother and more natural transitions between lines and strokes.

Easy on the eyes. Real to your imagination.

It offering a real paper-like feel while drawing on this 11.6 inch fully-laminated IPS Display with a 178-degree viewing angle and 1920*1080 high resolution.

8192 Presure Levels.

Adopting fully-laminated technology,

the Artist 12 Pro seamlessly combines the glass and screen to create a distraction-free working environment.

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