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Aqua Culture Premium 1-Gallon Fish Bowl Starter Kit

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  • Water conditioner works to remove any chlorine present in the water, ensuring you can use the bowl with a variety of freshwater fish varieties
  • Small size makes the bowl ideal for betta fish 
  • Fish bowl kit has a small fish net and a sample of AquaSafe water conditioner
  • Trial-sized Tetra fish food
  • Anchor Hocking fish bowl is crafted from sturdy glass
  • Includes a net to help reposition the fish when cleaning
  • Aquarium starter kit includes colorful gravel and a decorative plastic plant
  • Suited for beginner fish enthusiasts
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included

Enhance your environment with color and life with the Aqua Culture Premium Fish Bowl Starter Kit. Research has shown that people who own an aquarium have better health than those who spend their time lounging on the couch watching TV. This fish bowl kit makes it easy to discover the joys of owning fish and the the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of watching your fish as they gently swim back and forth. The small size and easy design makes it an ideal home for betta fish, among the lowest-maintenance freshwater fish varieties available. Betta fish, native to Southeast Asia, live in shallow pools of water. By simply adding gravel, a few plastic, synthetic or live plants, you can recreate their natural habitat so fish stay happy and comfortable. The aquarium starter kit includes an Anchor Hocking glass fish bowl, colorful gravel, a plastic plant, a sample of Tetra flake fish food and a pouch of AquaSafe water conditioner for use with other freshwater fish varieties. This fish bowl kit makes it easy to add freshwater fish to your space. It comes with everything you need to create a happy home for a betta fish, a goldfish or other small freshwater fish.

Aqua Culture Premium 1-Gallon Fish Bowl Starter Kit
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