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3 Piece Dog Toothbrush Kit - Dog Finger Toothbrush, Double-Sided Toothbrush, and Small Doggie Toothbrush - Freshen Breath & Remove Plaque Build-Up with This Cat Toothbrush and Puppy Toothbrush Set

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  • Complete doggy dental care: Eliminate bad breath and maintain your pet's oral hygiene at home with this kitten and puppy tooth brushing kit. The 3-pack of training and transitional cat and dog toothbrushes helps keep your pet's teeth clean and prevents plaque build-up.
  • For tartar removal: Use the finger toothbrush for dogs and cats to gently clean and massage your pet's teeth and remove plaque build-up. The pet finger toothbrush also gets your dog or cat used to the strange sensation of brushing.
  • For a quick brush: Gently rub this puppy toothbrush for small dogs and cats along the teeth and molar to clean and massage the top and bottom at once. The chewable, double-sided toothbrush with rubber bristles is particularly easy to maneuver.
  • For hard-to-reach places: Our small dog toothbrush and cat toothbrush design is 70% smaller than a ‘regular’ toothbrush to comfortably fit into your pet's mouth. The tiny dog toothbrush has soft, firmly-rooted bristles that are gentle on your pet's mouth and won't break when chewed on.
  • 100% safe: Designed by fellow dog lovers in Canada. Our pet toothbrush kit is made from 100% food-grade silicone and free from Phthalates. The toothbrushes for dogs and cats are super easy to sanitize and get safety-tested at a third-party lab.
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