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Pure Moringa Oil for Hair Skin and Nails - Maple Holistics Nourishing Moringa Oil for the Face - Hydrating anti Aging Moringa Face Oil for Dry Skin Care 4 Fl Oz

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Moringa Oil for Hair Skin and Nails

Anti Aging Skin Care - Moringa oil for face can work wonders as a hydrating face oil for dry skin and nourishing skin oil for anti aging face care due to rich levels of oleic acid and vitamin E oil

Hair Oil for Dry Damaged Hair Care - Embrace natural hair care with our moringa hair moisturizer for curly hair and all hair types that works as a scalp cleanser and nourishing dry hair treatment

Moringa Facial Oil - Try our hydrating antioxidant face serum for dry skin that’s a natural oil face cleanser and facial moisturizer for fine lines and wrinkles with superior anti aging properties

Dry Scalp Treatment - Moringa is a great choice for a dry scalp oil that works as a scalp moisturizer for buildup to nourish hair from root to tip with omega 3 fatty acids and volumizing hair vitamins

~ About Us ~

↪ 🥀 Meet Maple Holistics 🥀 ↩

Our founders, lifelong pals Ben and Motti, grew up together in Cleveland, Ohio. Ben had tried many different products in an attempt to solve his hair loss, scalp redness and itchiness - all brought on by juvenile arthritis. It was a miserable experience at times, and Ben was on the verge of giving up.

🥀 Essential Oils to the Rescue 🥀

Motti learned about the raw power of essential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients, and the duo worked together to create personalized formulas for Ben, and later for friends and family. They found formulas that worked for everyone, and established Maple Holistics as a home for every hair type and concern.

🥀 The Maple Family 🥀

The Maple family has since grown, but our founders always remember their roots. From the early makeshift laboratory in Motti’s family garage, to our state-of-the-art facility in Farmingdale, NJ, Ben and Motti continue working to help every hair, skin and body type with Maple Holistics’ naturally-derived creations.

🏆 Real People 🏆

Our team has since expanded considerably, and now consists of folks of all ages, genders, and personal care needs. We also work closely with The Arc to hire employees with special needs who play a vital role in our Maple Holistics warehouse. The one thing we all have in common is a passion for what we do, and for providing our customers with high-quality products and long-lasting results.

  • Pure Moringa Oil
  • Anti-Aging
  • For Skin, Hair, and Face
  • Dry Scalp Treatment
  • Premium Quality
  • 4 fl oz
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