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Pennington Classic Whole Ear Corn, Squirrel and Critter Feed, 6.5 Lb. Bag

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Product description

  • Contains 6.5 pounds of whole ear corn squirrel food
  • Feeds squirrels, racoons, geese, ducks and other wildlife
  • Squirrels' favorite food
  • Keeps squirrels and other small animals busy and away from bird feeders
  • Use year-round with a variety of squirrel corn feeders
  • Condition: New

Enjoy feeding your backyard, four-legged visitors with this Pennington Classic Whole Ear Corn for Squirrels. Have fun watching them graze early in the morning and throughout the day. By using this small animal food, you will help keep the squirrels busy and well fed. Use it year-round in a variety of corn-style feeders that you can place away from the feeders for birds. To keep other wildlife occupied, try Pennington's Classic Squirrel and Critter Blend as well as Wild Bird Feed (each listed separately). Pennington has been in the seed business since 1945. Through years of research and product development, Pennington Bird Food has arrived at a wide variety of mixes that are sure to please any species of bird in the country. Pennington is dedicated to creating the best wild bird food available - by birders, for birders. Each blend we create is specially formulated to keep birds healthy. From our exclusive BIRD-KOTE technology, to our specially developed food blends. The experts at Pennington are dedicated to bringing in the birds in your area and keep them coming back

Whole Ear Corn.
Instructions:Store in a cool, dry place.Feeding hints:If you want to help keep squirrels and other animals away from your bird feeders, place Pennington® ear corn a distance away from all bird feeders.Provide food year-round in:Squirrel feeders.Platform feeders.Tray feeders.Spread directly on ground.Supply a constant source of fresh water.
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