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Mimish Sleep-N-Pack, 50 F Packable Kid'S Sleeping Bag & Backpack, Space & Rockets Print

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Product description

  • Mimish Sleep-N-Pack is a Packable Multifunction sleeping bag that transforms into a backpack combined in one
  • Space and Rockets Print on outer shell that your child will love
  • Inner liner color is solid Bright Aqua that is dyed to match the zippers and buckles
  • Soft and plush fabric on the inside and outside that is sensory-friendly
  • Zippers, Velcro Tabs and Buckles are easy for kids to use
  • Built-in hood on the sleeping bag has a toggle to cinch for extra warmth and comfort
  • Backpack and slumber bag have multiple pockets to a carry water bottle, toys, flashlight, books, clothing and other sleepover or camp essentials
  • Product Weight: 3 lbs
  • Machine Washable
  • Sleeping Bag Dimension: 50" x 21"
  • Backpack Dimension: 15" x 9" x 8 1/2"
  • Comfort/Minimum temperature: 50 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Best Uses: Use as a sleeping bag, sleep/nap mat, travel backpack, overnight bag, indoor/tent camping
  • How To Use: Your Sleep-n-Pack will arrive packed as a backpack. To use as a Sleeping Bag, simply unbuckle the back pack, release the drawstring toggle and Velcro tabs on the side and unroll. To turn from Sleeping Bag to Backpack, fold Sleeping Bag in half vertically, roll it right into the Back Pack pouch. Cinch, Velcro and go. Don't forget to make good use of the 3 pockets on the back pack, and the 3 Pockets on the Sleeping Bag. Sleep-n-Pack has enough fun space to pack and go

Sleepovers, camping and playtime will be a blast with Sleep-N-Pack by Mimish. It's a packable kid's sleeping bag that transforms into a backpack. We made this multi-function, patented design to be the perfect sleeping bag and functional backpack. Sleep-N-Pack is a high-quality slumber bag/backpack that kids will love and makes life easier for parents. Features soft, colorful fabrics, 2-way zippers, built-in hood, and thick fill. When rolled up as a backpack, it maintains its shape with Velcro tabs. Specially constructed pockets, adjustable padded shoulder straps and buckles make it easy for your child to pack/unpack. The plush "mink" fabric on the inside and outside is super soft in colorful and cool Space and Rockets Print and Aqua liner. Kids will be happy to pack and carry their Sleep-N-Pack sleeping bag, giving families more time to enjoy, less time on clean-up. Ages 3-6 yrs. or up to 4' tall.

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