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Large Slicker Dog Brush-For Long and Loose Haired Pets Brush-Pet Grooming Wire Slicker Brush-For Dog like Giant Poodles-Cats Deshedding and Loose Hair-Removes Knotted Hair,Undercoat and Floating Hair-With Extra Long Pins 25Mm(1")

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  • Extra Long Pin Slicker Brush,unique 120° curved surface elongated flexible 135° steel pins is not deform,not fall off,more fit to the contact area of pet hair,not hurt skin,no static hair.Comb out the right hair effect
  • Professional dog brush with pins 25mm(1''), high quality 304 stainless steel extra Long pins, the brush surface is made of rubber material which is more resistant to aging. Painless combing of tangled hair, no pain, more enjoyment, more thorough combing, and more fluffy combing.
  • Lightweight ergonomic handle design, high-quality ABS, non-slip grip, comfortable grip, greatly reduce the pressure and fatigue of hands and wrists, make grooming smoother and portable, suitable for outdoor and travel carry.
  • wide range of applications,Long slicker dog brush is suitable for Giant Poodles,Goldendoodles,Bichon,Shiba Inu,Husky,Alaskan Malamute and Samoyed,Kelly Blue Terrier,Chow Chow,other medium large dog with thick undercoat and long haired pets,and a wide range of cat breeds with soft,fluffy coats.This slicker brush perfect for much hair types: long,straight,curly,thick,shaggy,wire ect.Fluff, detangle and style with this slicker brush.
  • Save your time, This long needle brush helps you brush quickly and gently remove loose hair, undercoat, saving you time and making it easier for you.Great for dry hair after bathing and daily care, not recommended for wet pets.Widely recommended by dog grooming shop owner and fans of pets with thick undercoat and long hair
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