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Jay Leno'S Garage Leather Cleaner (16 Oz) - Clean & Protects Car Leather Surfaces

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Properly treated leather should have a soft, supple, satin finish. Unless it’s patent, leather shouldn’t be shiny or slick. Build up from body oils, dirt and other types of grime tend to give leather a glossy appearance. Jay’s Leather Cleaner gently lifts these embedded contaminants from deep within the pores of the material yet still retains the natural durability of the leather. Leather is a wonderful material, but it can be more delicate when compared to vinyl or cloth. UV rays, dirt and contaminants can wreak havoc and cause leather to wear prematurely. The easiest way you can combat that degradation is with frequent maintenance and care. Regular cleanings followed by a leather conditioner application will help ensure your leather interior provides enjoyment for the many miles to come

Jay Leno's Garage Leather Cleaner

  • Safely clean sensitive leather surfaces
  • Helps to preserve strength, durability & appearance
  • Penetrates deeply to gently lift away dirt, residue, grease, denim transfer, body oils, and stubborn stains
  • Great for cleaning natural, new OEM, synthetic & patent leather surfaces
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