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Hot Wheels Skate Donut Skatepark with Tony Hawk Fingerboard & Pair of Skate Shoes

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  • Age Range: 5 Years and Up
  • ​Master tricks and perform cool fingerboard stunts in the Hot Wheels Skate Donut Skatepark that looks like it was pulled straight from a big-city street
  • ​The set comes with a fully assembled, exclusive fingerboard and removable skate shoes that help kids' fingers stay securely on the board while learning the basics of stunting
  • ​Features rails to grind, convertible ramps and eye-catching colors that make the entire play experience fun and exciting
  • ​Arrange it with other Hot Wheels Skate sets to build an extended skate park with multiple obstacles and stunts
  • ​The Hot Wheels Skate Donut Skatepark makes a perfect gift for kids 5 years old and older

Put those epic finger-boarding skills into action on the Hot Wheels Skate Donut Skatepark. Designed around a big-city donut shop, this set is loaded with rails and ramps to perform awesome stunts like 360s and ollies. Flip down the billboard to discover another skate surface. It comes with an awesome exclusive fingerboard designed in collaboration with the legendary Tony Hawk and a pair of removable skate shoes that help newbies get the feel of the board and master tricks. Arrange it with other sets to create a massive skate park for the most exciting ride. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

Hot Wheels Skate Donut Skatepark With Tony Hawk Fingerboard & Pair Of Skate Shoes:

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