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CAP Barbell 50Lb Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell, Single

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Product description

  • Specific muscle groups or perform a full-body workout
  • Original hex-shaped heads prevent dumbbells from rolling and reduce hazards during workouts
  • Medium depth knurling on the handle provides essential grip and security during use
  • The semi-gloss coating is a durable and effective finish
  • Perfect for isolations, full-body, functional and H.I.I.T. workouts
  • Available in a variety of weights, Sold Separately

The CAP barbell cast iron hex dumbbell offers dependability and long-lasting performance. A cast-iron dumbbell can be used to exercise all major muscle groups, including arms, chest, back, abs, legs, and core. The benefits of dumbbell exercises include muscle building, improving core strength, boosting balance, providing better bone health, burning calories, increasing energy levels, enhancing overall mood, and more. The CAP original cast iron dumbbell weights have hex-shaped heads to prevent rolling and provide easier storage. The medium-depth knurling on the handle provides essential grip and security during use. Each dumbbell comes in a semi-gloss finish which prevents rusting and keeps the dumbbell looking good. The dumbbells are available in a variety of weight sizes and are respectively marked at their ends for easy distinction.

CAP Barbell 50lb Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell, Single:
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