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5LB & 10LB Non-Gmo Dried Mealworms for Chicken Feed, High Protein Mealworm Treats, Best for Wild Birds, Ducks, Hens, Fish, Reptiles & Amphibian.

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  • 【Rich in protein】- Non-GMO chicken feed, poultry feed. RANZ Dried Mealworms which are 100% Natural, No Additives. They are rich in the protein and the crude fat, crude fiber and moisture, easy to digest and absorb.
  • 【Healthy and Delicious】- In the production process, every link must be strictly checked. They grow in a clean environment. Vegetables such as bran, pumpkin and carrots are their food. Our mealworms are healthy and safe. They are quick-dried to ensure its crispness and aroma, to satisfy the pet's taste to the maximum.
  • 【Boosts Immune System & Improves Health】- RANZ Dried Mealworms contains high protein, crude fiber, which can help the chick to maintain the normal physiological functions, especially in winter. Improve the condition of pets and supplement nutrition. They are also excellent for fish, ducks, turtles, hedgehogs, and a variety of hard-to-attract wild birds.
  • 【Convenient feeding】- No refrigeration required.Feeding instructions: Simply scatter mealworms on the ground and your pets will go crazy for delicious mealworms treat.
  • 【Quick Response】- As a professional manufacturer of mealworms, we never stop to provide high and excellent service. Contact us first if there's any issue, our team would response in 24 hours and make it to right. 
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