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5 Core 6.5" Premium 2 Way Ceiling Speaker| Surround Sound Speakers for Whole House Audio| Perfect for Office, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom| White, Paintable-Grille- CL 6.5-12 2W

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Product description

About Item

  1. Seamless audio quality:The 5 Core in-ceiling 2 Way speakers are renowned for their high-quality sound, perfect for all types of home or commercial sound systems. These speakers deliver smooth, natural audio with strong bass for a truly engaging listening experience.

  2. Easy install:Installing the 5 Core Paging Speaker for the Ceiling is a breeze thanks to their built-in mounting tabs. They can be securely attached to drywall or wood panels without additional brackets or boxes. These commercial sound systems are often used in the home, school, and college, besides installing in restraint, hotels, airports, etc.

  3. Modern & upgraded design:The 5 Core paging speaker for the Ceiling boasts a sleek, modern design with a rimmed grill that mainly protrudes from the Ceiling. These grills virtually disappear when painted to match the ceiling color, providing great sound without taking up any precious floor space.

  4. Paintable:The Ceiling speakers are quick and easy to install, with a simple three-step process. The paintable grilles can be left as it is or painted to match your existing interior for a seamless look.
  5. Unwavering?˜ Commitment:5 Core is a well-established name in the audio industry, with more than 35 years of commitment, reliability, and craftsmanship. Our advanced technology, engineering, and innovation result in the best sound systems and speakers.

Product Description

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Product Description

The 5 Core CL 6.5-02 Paging Speaker for Ceiling is perfect for any home or commercial sound system setup. These ceiling speakers offer uncompromising audio quality, with a smooth and natural sound and robust bass output that provides an engaging listening experience.

These speakers are suitable for use in a variety of rooms and outdoor spaces, and the modern and elegant look barely protrudes from the wall for a seamless look. With nearly 40 years of commitment to craftsmanship, 5 Core is a trusted name in the audio industry, producing the best in sound systems and speakers.


Easy installation

Advanced crossover design

Sweet spot

Sound quality

The included template makes marking and cutting the mounting hole with a drywall knife a breeze. Built-in mounting tabs ensure a secure hold with only a screwdriver required.

The crossover network in our commercial ceiling speaker sound system allows for perfect integration, ensuring coherent transition in the critical upper midrange region.

The direction speaker provides a wide ??sweet spot ?? in small to large rooms, ensuring everyone can perfectly hear what ??s playing.

The warm sound, clear mid-range, solid highs, and resounding bass best suit home theater.

Product specification:

  • Color- White
  • Sensitivity- 88dB
  • Size- 6.5 Inch
  • Rated Power- 20W
  • Input Voltage- 100V
  • Frequency Response- 110Hz-13000KHz

Package includes:

  • 1x Ceiling Speaker


These ceiling speakers can be used as paging speakers.

It can be used to boost the aesthetics and function of a property.

The ceiling speakers are largely used in commercial applications or establishments.

The clear and warm sound makes the ceiling speaker well-suited to be used in a home theater system.

The ease of installation makes these speakers a great choice for the bedroom, living room, and family room.

Benefits of products

The 5 Core Commercial Sound System can be used as a home theater system to deliver clear and powerful sound.

The Paging Speaker for the Ceiling can play relaxing background music while entertaining guests.

The ceiling speaker can provide an immersive audio experience for gamers, enhancing the game's overall enjoyment.

These speakers are versatile and can be used in different applications.

The ceiling speakers are used to save space and elevate the room's overall appearance.

Benefits of 5 core over other products

5 Core ceiling speakers are well suited for home and Commercial Sound Systems. They deliver a smooth and natural sound with robust bass output.

The built-in mounting tabs and included templates make the installation effortless.

The speaker ceiling is suitable for a variety of rooms and outdoor spaces.

These ceiling speakers are made from high-quality materials to last for a prolonged time.

The modern design makes the 5 Core speaker system ideal to boost the elegance of your room or office.


Question:Is this system suitable for a small home theater?

Answer:Yes. But remember, you need more than one speaker for the best experience.

Question:How do these mount to the ceiling?

Answer:More than one stiff spring holds them in place. You need to cut a hole in the ceiling, then poke them up so you can slide in the speakers.

Question:How's the sound quality?

Answer:Excellent! They are known for offering clean and immersive audio experiences.?˜

Question:Can I use these in a shower?

Answer:Inside Shower No. But it can be installed in the Bathroom ceiling.

Question:Are they Bluetooth?

Answer:No, these are not Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

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