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2Lbs Non-Gmo Dried Mealworms,High-Protein Larvae Treats Feed Molting Supplement for Birds Hens Ducks , Chicken

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  • DRIED NATURAL MEALWORMS: Our meal worms are 100% natural, Non-GMO, No Preservative,No Additives, pretty health for your chickens . They are feed on bran, pumpkin, carrot and other vegetables, never blended with animal matter or intake any GMOs.
  • HIGH CRUDE PROTEIN & FIBER: These bird feed are rich in protein and the fat, crude fiber vitamins and top-grade edible oils. Amounts are: Crude Proteins (min) 50%,Crude Fat (min) 25%, Crude Fiber (max) 7%, making improvements in both quantity and quality of eggs. Feeding them as they started fall moulting for better feather appearance.
  • EASY STORAGE: Dehydrated from the best stage of live mealworms by microwave, these dried mealworms maximize the nutrients, freshness, crisp and the fragrant. Much more easier to store than freeze dried or live mealworms. Keeping them in a cool and dry space, away from rodents and insects, they will last for up to 12 months without refrigeration.
  • RESEALABLE ZIP TOP BAG: Packed in a firm and resealable zip top bag, these dried mealworms are kept fresh and safe with seal,taken out with convenience. Its a must have feed during the Winter when your hens or ducks are not free ranging as much and are not getting fresh worms from the lawn.
  • WIDELY APROVED BY CHICKENS & PETS:These meal worms are loved by chicken, ducks, blue birds, flock,wild birds, reptiles, turtles, fish hamsters, hedgehogs and more. Bird watching lover? The fragrant of dried mealworms will quickly attract all kinds of wild birds: blue birds, warblers, peacock's, robins, nesters, chickadees, woodpeckers, carolina wrens, budgies etc.
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