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Kingrack 3-Step Stool, Household Folding Non-Slip Step Ladder, Collapsible Stool for Adults, 330Lbs Capacity (Red)

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Are you still worrying about changing the light bulb? Are you still worrying about how to decorate your Christmas tree? Are you still worrying about cleaning windows? Are you still worried about the cabinet being too high? KK KINGRACK 3-step steel stool fully assembled. Its heavy-duty construction can hold 330 pounds. Weight - Whether reaching tall cabinets, changing light bulbs or cleaning windows, repairing gardens and fences. It's the perfect tool when you need to add a little height to something in your kitchen, bathroom, office or garage. At the same time can be used as a decoration to become your home decoration, our products allow you to easily complete any job. This ladder is very easy to store and can be placed against a wall or crevice when folded thin. The little assistant in life, come and take it!
    •      ??Sturdy & Stable
    •      ??Wide Pedal  
    •      ??Anti-slip Design
    •      ??Space Saving
    •      ??Multifunction Ladder
    • This ladder is made of high-strength metal, with environmentally friendly powder coating on the outside, which stable and durable. Attributed to the trianglular support structure, the maximum load capacity can be up to 330 pounds, makes it more stable and safe when you using.
    • The pedals are wide and thick, and are equipped with deepened anti-skid lines to increase the anti-skid contact surface, making the operation process safer.
    • This three-layer ladder has non-slip feet, which can effectively prevent slipping and increase the friction with the ground. At the same time, it can not scratch the carpet or the ground, so as to better protect your safety
    • The folding step stool is easy to fold and store, saving space. After folding, it can be easily stored under the bed and sofa or in the corner without taking up too much space.
    • Suitable for yard, kitchen, bedroom, library use. Attractive appearance, it can be a decorative ladder, such as a bookcase, a flower stand, a library ladder, etc. It can also be a small step stool for children.
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